Happy Birthday, Blog!

My blog turns 3 years old today. wow.

This was the first post.
Hmmm. 3  years … it feels so… anti-climatic. 3 years…

In the mean time, go check out this kid’s blog. His name is Dae-Shik and is a former student of mine in Hawaii. I hope this will allow him to post more frequently.

Another former youth student’s blog that I read on a regular basis is Dan Na’s blog.

So thank you to my one or two readers. And no, one of those readers are not my mom. Even she doesn’t read my blog. 🙂




It’s 2011.
My first post was 2007.
My blog is 4 years old! Not 3!

So there’s your stereotype buster: I’m not good at math.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Blog!

  1. You’re welcome and “Happy Birthday” Pastor Joe! I do enjoy your blog. I don’t always comment, because I’m really not sure what blog etiquette requires. Are blogs supposed to be dialogues between the blogger and the readers? Do readers really want to read what someone else thinks about a blog? I guess I’m just an old-timer who isn’t really up on this stuff.

    Your blog did inspire me to read your 01/26/07 blog. Very good! I did not find it anti-climatic. You are doing good as a pastor, and I can see your growth. (Sunday’s sermon was well done!) I have another pastor friend who is introverted. Each Sunday is a struggle, emotionally draining, tiring. She knows that God likes to use ordinary people to do His will and spread His Word. You are His, Joe, and He loves you very much.

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