• Killing Me Softly With Their Pixels

    So there I was, watching TV (Sportscenter). While replying to a text on my phone (about sports). And surfing the web (ESPN.com). I then saw the ridiculousness of this scene. Watching TV, texting and surfing the web, all at once. Had I owned an iPad, I’d probably have that on as well, and probably on… Continue Reading

  • Oh Rob Bell, What Have You Done?

    Rob Bell was trending on Twitter for a brief period. All because of his new book coming out sometime next month. Here are some sample tweets: There’s nothing loving about preaching a false gospel. This breaks my heart. Praying for Rob Bell This makes me sick.┬áRob Bell makes me sick. Wow how unfortunate! Farewell, Rob… Continue Reading

  • Some Blogs I read

    Here are some blogs that I constantly read, and thought you might want to check them out: Jon Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like Red Lettered Christians Eugene Cho’s blog Shane’s Faith Experience Andrew’s Thoughts of Resurrection Kevin’s Deeply Committed Dae’s May Be Some Dae Dan’s Unlived Life is Not Worth Examining Jin’s Because You Got to… Continue Reading

  • Acts 29

    from our weekly updates/devotion for our youth ministry I’m in my last week of my 40 day prayer journey and the one thing that constantly kept coming back to me as I was praying was, MOVE. I didn’t know what that meant. Move? So vague. I was pretty sure that God wasn’t telling me to… Continue Reading

  • Make Your Decision After At Least 2 Visits

    People church shop. Often. And for those church shoppers, I think it’s fair to give the church at least two visits before deciding. Of course there are those experiences where you KNOW that one visit is far more than enough. I’ve heard a lot of things about Mosaic that meets at the Mayan Theater in… Continue Reading

  • So, God Owes Me a Baby

    Well. I got the call. But not the result I wanted. I didn’t pass my interviews and have been continued. And I have to go through this whole friggin’ process again. I’m dreading the paper writing and the anxiety and all that stuff that comes with the territory. But maybe the third time will be… Continue Reading