Angry Birds Are Not Your Friends At Night

Angry Birds
Image by sheehanpaul via Flickr

I couldn’t sleep.
How do you sleep on the eve of something big?
But here’s what you don’t do: play Angry Birds, in your bed. In the dark.
I tried to go to bed around 11p.
But I couldn’t fall asleep. I didn’t mind the tossing and turning. It’s my mind that bothered me. I just kept thinking about the interviews and playing the worst-case scenarios. It was getting me more riled up and agitated. So I decided that I needed a distraction from my thoughts. I didn’t want to go to the living room to watch TV. Didn’t want to surf the web. But, I saw that my iPod was next to me, so I decided to play Angry Birds for the first time in months. That was a little before midnight.

The next time I looked at the clock, it was 130a. Where did the time go?

Did I put it right away? Of course not. I had to beat this stage with 3 stars. But then, that turned into, “one more stage.” And next thing you know, it’s 230a. So. If you have a restless nights, Angry Birds is not, I repeat NOT, the solution.

I woke up early this morning.
Headed to church.
Had a good time of prayer and worship.
I feel good and (for now) am at a good place.

We’re going to head out in about an hour or so.

I’ll be alright.

Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and wishes of good luck.

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