Make Your Decision After At Least 2 Visits

People church shop. Often.
And for those church shoppers, I think it’s fair to give the church at least two visits before deciding.
Of course there are those experiences where you KNOW that one visit is far more than enough.

I’ve heard a lot of things about Mosaic that meets at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles.
So, one Sunday evening, the wife and I went to check out the Mosaic with our small group. It was an interesting experience. I loved the vibe. I loved the music. But the message… I was left wanting more.

A few weeks later, I had a former youth kid from Hawaii visiting me. We were talking about churches and the things that they do around here and Mosaic came up. We decided to take Dae to Mosaic on the Sunday after Christmas.
It was a very intimate night. Much, much smaller than the our first visit. The music was just a simple acoustic set, with a guitar and a cajon drum.
The speaker was the same  speaker from our first visit. But this time, his message was amazing and inspiring. I was truly blessed by the entire evening.

We went home talking about worship the whole drive, and how each one of us were blessed by the things that speaker had to say.

While the whole notion of church shopping is a bit troubling to me, I know that it happens.
But I think we need more than one worship service to really decide what that church really is about.

We should also keep  in mind that church is about more than how it can  meet our preferences and fulfill our needs.
If you allow yourself to open your hearts, you’ll realize that you encounter God anywhere, whether it’s through choral music, praise music, or out in the streets as you encounter  people in need. Worship can happen anywhere, because God is not the God of a temple, but more a God of tents.

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