Oh Rob Bell, What Have You Done?

Rob Bell was trending on Twitter for a brief period.
All because of his new book coming out sometime next month.

Here are some sample tweets:
There’s nothing loving about preaching a false gospel. This breaks my heart. Praying for Rob Bell
This makes me sick. Rob Bell makes me sick.
Wow how unfortunate!
Farewell, Rob Bell

Then there were many tweets asking “Who the heck is Rob Bell?” and “I thought the trend was taco bell. Who’s Rob Bell?”

First question, What can I do to get that kinda publicity and actually trend on twitter? Excellent marketing tool, even if Rob Bell didn’t plan on it.

More than the book, it’s this video that has started the twitter “war” and trend for Rob Bell:

Here’s the thing that bothers me.
Why are we so quick to condemn people?
The truth of the matter is, no one really knows what EXACTLY happens when we die.
If you don’t agree with a thought, why can’t we simply agree to disagree, instead of attacking someone’s thoughts and condemning them or (condescendingly) say “Let’s pray for ____”?

I get the passion that comes with theology. I get the anger that comes with someone teaching something you vehemently oppose. I get the fear that comes along with having your foundation shaken a tad bit…

But, I don’t get how some of us ready to pounce on the person who speaks one word that we don’t agree with. Instead of having open dialogue and listening to people, we start arguments.

To tell you the truth, heaven and hell is a conversation I do try to avoid.
Only because whatever I say, it’s going to lead to a conversation that I don’t want to get into, because it may become overly passionate.

I’m not going to post in detail what I like to think and believe in regarding death and eternal life, only because it’s going to piss someone off somewhere. Regardless of what I believe.

I pre-ordered Rob Bell’s book, and am looking forward to wrestling with what he came up with. Whether I agree or disagree, it’ll be interesting to hear some other voices than the “Left Behind” readers and supporters. Not saying they’re all wrong, but I like conversations and loving dialogues.

In the end, I’m in the line of, God’s not going to judge us on our theology. God’s not going to ask us “What did you believe about the heaven and hell?” Or “What are you beliefs on Original Sin/Homosexuality/War/Abortion (enter your controversial topic here)” but more in the line of, how did you show your love for me? Much like the conversation between God and the sheep and goats in Matthew 25.

Sure, you can call me a coward for not putting my foot down and drawing a line in the sand in what I believe. I’m okay with that. I’m okay with not being sure where I stand, because knowledge has a tendency to puff up and bring disharmony.

If there’s anything I’ve learned throughout seminary and my career as a pastor is that some times, love/grace often need to trump theology.

If only I can come up with something so divisive, that I can get our church to trend on twitter…

5 thoughts on “Oh Rob Bell, What Have You Done?

  1. Ok I think the title “Masters in Divinity” is cool. Makes me feel like Harry Potter had that degree.

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure if God did ask that question “What did you believe about the heaven and hell?”, not many would get it right. I’m even gonna go out on a limb and say no one will get it perfectly right. :O

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