• Worship Without the Word

    Jin Bae Pak is a former student of mine from Hawaii. He, at one point, was my drummer for the praise band, until we found someone else who was far more talented. Just kidding. Jin Bae is heading to pharmacy school in Hilo, HI this coming fall semester. He truly has a heart for God… Continue Reading

  • How Is It With Your Soul?

    John Wesley would open up all small group meetings with “How is it with your soul?” That’s a far deeper question than, “How are you?” I mean, how is your soul doing? How is your spirit faring? I mean, really, how are you? I have had to step back a bit here and there to… Continue Reading

  • T.Didy Gets the Short End of the Gospel Stick

    Doubting (in the Bible, Christian sense) will forever be associated with Thomas (also known as Didymus, also referred to as T.Didy… but I guess, only by me.) That kinda sucks, don’t it? Could you imagine being defined, forever, by one of your not so best moments? I was in 8th grade. My voice was changing.… Continue Reading

  • THEN…

    It’s Good Friday. A church is holding their Easter Service today. And tomorrow and Sunday. It’s a big church. I don’t like criticizing other churches, because I don’t know how they came to that decision. It is a big church, so they may have needed all three days for their worshippers. BUT. You can’t have… Continue Reading

  • Standing In Line

    I’ve been venturing away from my usual Starbucks. It’s been interesting to see how different each Starbucks is and the different people it attracts. The current one I’m at is near a high school, and therefore, a lot of younger people have been coming and going. At one point, there was a rush and a… Continue Reading

  • One Year, Still Here…

    So. It’s been a year since my appointment to Valencia United Methodist Church. A lot has happen since that year. A lot has been learned within this year. One things for certain, there’s a peace within my heart; a peace that affirms that, for now, I’m in the right place. In the last two churches… Continue Reading

  • The Korean Church and Where I Am

    Let me just say this before I begin: A part of me really, really misses the Korean church. I miss hanging out with people that have the same experiences and stories. I miss laughing with people my age about how our parents beat us without looks of concern. I really miss the fervent and powerful… Continue Reading