One Year, Still Here…

It’s been a year since my appointment to Valencia United Methodist Church.
A lot has happen since that year.
A lot has been learned within this year.
One things for certain, there’s a peace within my heart; a peace that affirms that, for now, I’m in the right place. In the last two churches I have been part of, after a year, there was restlessness within my heart, and I won’t go into details, because I love the people at both of the settings.

Here, there is still a restlessness within my heart, but of a different sort.  It’s a stirring of God within my heart letting me know, “There’s so much more you can do…”

I’m thankful for where I am. For the people I serve. For the staff. For the community.  And so far, I haven’t screwed up too much to get me fired. Which is a bit surprising.

I’m excited (and scared) for what God has in store for me. Hopefully, I won’t be too dense and ignore the voice of God. Or too scared.
Only God knows where I’ll be come next year. But, that’s not for me to worry or ponder about. My focus is to do what I can for God’s mission and plan for me today. And as long as I am earnest in being faithful to God, I think everything will work out. 🙂

Here’s to another year.

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