Worship Without the Word

Jin Bae Pak is a former student of mine from Hawaii. He, at one point, was my drummer for the praise band, until we found someone else who was far more talented. Just kidding. Jin Bae is heading to pharmacy school in Hilo, HI this coming fall semester. He truly has a heart for God and ministry. You can follow him on his blog at http://becauseyougottome.tumblr.com/
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There have been so many different topics that would come and go. I
would start writing about something and then completely scrap it
(either too similar to previous post or just got uninteresting). And
then it hit me like a proverbial lightning bolt or sack or bricks.
I’ve neglected the Word more than I would have liked and so there is
no substance to my thoughts. And without substance to my thoughts,
there has been no substance to my blogs.

Worshiping God is a joy in my life. I can put everything out there and
just swim in His presence. During those 30-60 minutes of praise, I
have this intimate time with Him. BUT… after that, the switch turns
off. I’m like the Boston Celtics. Worship time is like the playoffs
and then the rest of my time is the regular season. I just coast. The
difference between me and the Boston Celtics is that the regular
season is not important at all to the Celtics while the rest of my
day, week, life outside of worship time is extremely important. It’s
about 99% of my life (timewise).

So why have I been like this lately? The answer is rather simple, I’ve
been worshipping God without a whole lot of the Word. Because of this,
I’m unable to have a continual worship throughout the week.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the
Word was God.” John 1:1

Jesus is the Word. Without the Word in our lives, we are without
Jesus. So I’ve been living life without Jesus throughout the week.

I’ve been reading David Crowder’s book, Praise Habit, and the book is
basically about worshiping God everyday in everything we do. It’s hard
to do that when I don’t have Jesus with me throughout the week. How
can I worship Jesus throughout the week if I’m not seeking to be with
Him? It’s not possible. It’s illogical. It’s downright dumb to think
we can have continual worship throughout the week without actively
seeking who we want to worship.

This ties perfectly into my blogging. When I first started blogging, I
was reading the Word daily. Because of that, it was easy to worship
Him through my blog. So the moral of this entry is, read the Bible!
Jesus is the ultimate inspiration. In Him, all things are possible. In
other words, in the Word, all things are possible!

-Jin Bae Pak

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