• We Need To Stop Saying “Missional Church”

    “We are a missional church.” I’ve heard many people say that over the past few years. After a while, it starts to get annoying. Why? Because it’s redundant. Saying that our church is a missional church is similar to saying that I attend the Redundancy School of Redundancy. A church should be missional to begin… Continue Reading

  • I Have The Right to Do Everything

    I read on a sign somewhere, “if you feel far away from God, who moved?” Fair point, right? It is usually us that drifts away. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are somehow disconnected, or far away from God. Unfortunately, it seems like it takes negative moments in our lives to remember our dependence… Continue Reading

  • Exercise Sucks. Ugh.

    Late last year, I wrote this blog post. It was a question that Jesus asked the man in John 5, in Bethesda. It’s the question that I asked churches who talked about change. They talk about change, but do they really want change? Well. A couple of months ago, my wife decided that we should… Continue Reading