We Need To Stop Saying “Missional Church”

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“We are a missional church.”
I’ve heard many people say that over the past few years.
After a while, it starts to get annoying.
Because it’s redundant.
Saying that our church is a missional church is similar to saying that I attend the Redundancy School of Redundancy.

A church should be missional to begin with.
What we’re actually saying is that “We are a church church.”

It’s kind of troubling that we have to add “missional” to separate ourselves from other churches.

I look forward to the day when we can say “church” and that being missional is implied. The way it should be.

3 thoughts on “We Need To Stop Saying “Missional Church”

  1. I think people say “missional” because the church currently isn’t that way. In fact, in their new book, The Faith of Leap, authors Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost claim that we may be witnessing the end of the Western church as we have known it if the church cannot pull itself away from the false idols of comfort and security and embrace risk and adventure in reaching out to communities. Here’s a link: http://dld.bz/Z5ba

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