• Sometimes, Programs Are Just Cosmetic Products for Church

    Yes. That is the same girl. Ah. The power of make-up: It can really change someone’s appearance, right? Make-up can also cover up blemishes that may appear on our faces. But make-up doesn’t change anything except the physical appearance. All make-up does is change your outward appearance. If you’re a mean person, make-up isn’t going… Continue Reading

  • Baseball and God

    Guest post from Jin Bae Pak. If you want to have a guest post, please email me. 🙂  We’re in the middle of the 2011 Major League Baseball season. My team, the Boston Red Sox, currently have the 3rd best record in the baseball. The Philadelphia Phillies have the best record in Major League Baseball. The Atlanta… Continue Reading

  • Compassion and Justice

    When we were at DC this past week, we stopped by the General Board of Church and Society building. Our “tour guide” was a friend of mine from seminary and church. He touched on the topic about the difference of compassion and justice. I’ve never really thought about the difference of compassion and justice. And… Continue Reading

  • Dae the Intern

    I am currently flying over Northern Arizona. Almost home. Being online on a plane, thinking out this blog post, while Pink currently blasts on my iPod, it’s a bit surreal. Which airline, if any, will be the first to offer free wi-fi? And… how does having wifi differ from having cell phones on? I’m flying… Continue Reading

  • Skid Row, Los Angeles

    In May, a handful of church members got to go serve at The Midnight Mission. One of our church members work there and she was able to organize a day for us. We got a tour of the Mission and heard many great stories. At the end, we went to the top of the building… Continue Reading

  • 5 Years

    In January of 2004, I met my wife. In February of 2004, we had our first date. In July of 2005, I proposed to her. Which, btw, is a story on its own. One of these days, I’ll share the hilarity of the proposal. It wasn’t the best of proposals. But it is ours. In… Continue Reading

  • Feeling Forced

    Those of you who have a blog, and it’s not a source of income, do you ever feel like you need to write a post? My mind’s been elsewhere all week. I’m leaving for Annual Conference. And then DC. And, I haven’t really had thoughts I could string together to make a coherent and semi-interesting… Continue Reading