5 Years

In January of 2004, I met my wife.
In February of 2004, we had our first date.
In July of 2005, I proposed to her. Which, btw, is a story on its own. One of these days, I’ll share the hilarity of the proposal. It wasn’t the best of proposals. But it is ours.
In June of 2006, we got married.

It sort of sucks that our anniversary always is mixed in with Annual Conference. But, we’ll make it work.

5 years.
Boy, where does the time go?

I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful wife.
I’m blessed that all the people we know like her more than me. It allows me to not talk when I don’t have to. She’s the life of the party everywhere she goes, so I can be the dull husband. A role I prefer.

Anyway, it’s been a great 5 years and looking forward to many, many more.

2 thoughts on “5 Years

  1. As a fellow United Methodist pastor in Arkansas whose anniversary always seems to fall around annual conference I understand the sentiment. Congratulations.

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