Dae the Intern

I am currently flying over Northern Arizona. Almost home.
Being online on a plane, thinking out this blog post, while Pink currently blasts on my iPod, it’s a bit surreal. Which airline, if any, will be the first to offer free wi-fi? And… how does having wifi differ from having cell phones on?

I’m flying back home from DC. It had been 5 years since I moved out of DC.
It was great to be back and reconnect with many of my old friends.
A part of me really misses the East Coast. If there was ever an opportunity for me to return, I’d really, really think and pray hard about it. Although, I could do without the humidity.

I was at DC for an orientation. You see, this summer, our church gets an intern.
I lucked out in that I know the intern assigned to me very well. He was a student of mine when I was ministering in Hawaii. Well, I’ll let you know if I lucked out when his internship is done.

Dae (www.maybesomedae.wordpress.com) will be with us at our church for about 5 and a 1/2 weeks.
During those weeks, he’ll be shadowing me and getting hands on experience of ministry.
Maybe this experience will affirm his call into ministry, or maybe it’ll make him realize that God is calling him, but not to parish ministry.
Either way, I’m glad that our church can be part of his discerning process.

What I do appreciate about this internship is the shadowing process.
I think part of discipleship process is following in the footsteps of someone else.
I read that in the olden times, disciples would even follow their Rabbis in to the bathroom, just in case there was a nugget of wisdom spoken or taught in the bathroom. Dae, if you’re reading this, please don’t follow me into the bathroom. That’s just really weird. And awkward.

Hopefully Dae will learn a lot about ministry, God and life as a pastor as he follows me and my senior pastor around. Hopefully, I will also be able to learn a lot from him. I am realizing that I’m no longer that young.
For a good chunk of my ministry life, everywhere I went, I was the youngest. That’s no longer the case. To see the Gospel through eyes of someone who is a decade younger than me, I think there are a lot of insights I can glean from conversations.

We’ve just entered California.
It’s going to be a great summer.

One thought on “Dae the Intern

  1. Welcome Dae the Intern!! I look forward to see you Monday on L.A.’S Skid Row! It will be trash day so be prepared to climb mountains.

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