• I Don’t Think I’m Going To Cut My Hair

    I tried several times to grow out my hair long. But each time, I got really frustrated and annoyed with my hair passing a certain point beyond my ears. But here I am, looking over the ordination exams again. I feel a sense of annoyance (more at myself than anyone else). I don’t want to… Continue Reading

  • It’s Okay

    Just be strong in God. Have faith in God. Believe harder. Trust in God more. Those are the things that my youth leaders have told me when I was struggling with my identity in Christ. Doubt was something I was sure that I couldn’t do. If I was doubting or wrestling with God, I was… Continue Reading

  • Brief Break

    Just came back from SSP (Sierra Service Project). Had a great time getting to know the staff. They are really special, unique, caring and compassionate young men and women. I know I couldn’t do what they do. (And thanks for letting me bend the rules by finding ways to conveniently find myself off site so… Continue Reading

  • Crazy Weeks Up Ahead

    New blog posts will be minimal. Tomorrow, we’ll be heading out to an Indian Reservation in Coarsegold, CA to help the people there through Sierra Service Project (SSP). As soon as I return, the following Monday, I am flying out to Baltimore for the Lewis Fellows Program, where I hope to gain more insight on… Continue Reading

  • Not the Last Word

    After the urging of a colleague, I went ahead and purchased Rob Bell’s Poet/Prophet/Preacher seminar DVDs. I watched the first session, and I really learned a lot. Of course, I’m a bit biased, but I did learn a great deal from the first session. The thing I walked away with most is that the sermon… Continue Reading

  • My Friends, Do Not Get Discouraged!

    Discouragement is a serious epidemic in ministry. It’s so easy to get discouraged. If it helps, the people in the Bible got discouraged here and there. I know I get discouraged easily. I know I get caught up in silly things, that in the long run of ministry, is not that important. I know that I… Continue Reading