Brief Break

Just came back from SSP (Sierra Service Project).
Had a great time getting to know the staff. They are really special, unique, caring and compassionate young men and women. I know I couldn’t do what they do. (And thanks for letting me bend the rules by finding ways to conveniently find myself off site so that I wouldn’t have to use the porta-potties. heh!)

On Monday, am flying out to Baltimore for the Lewis Fellows Program. Am hoping to be a sponge and learn all that I can. It is a great opportunity for me and am very thankful for this opportunity.

My mind is all over the place because I have a few things to get ready for, like the workshop on evangelism for Youth 2011, finishing the required reading for the Lewis Fellows, getting sermon notes together for the last Sunday of July, making sure I can help Dae as much as possible as he gets ready to preach on the 24th…

But as I mentioned on the last post, as hectic as it may get in the next few weeks, I’m thankful to God for these amazing opportunities, and also very thankful for the church staff and people for allowing me to miss so much time.

Here we go… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Brief Break

  1. I commented on your blog before – your “It’s not you, it’s me” post – and didn’t realize you were going to be a Lewis Fellow! I was in the program last year and found it to be absolutely wonderful. One of the best things I’ve been involved in. How was your first meeting?

    1. oh cool!
      it was great!
      the group was really good.
      And am looking forward to seeing them at COR in October.

      My senior pastor is also a Lewis Fellow, so he’s the one that pushed me to go apply. I’m glad that he did.

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