• The Shame of the Cross

    Do we 21st Centurians really understand the shame that comes with the cross? I’ve heard so many people say things like, “Oh, I have a bum shoulder, but I guess that’s my cross to bear.” “Oh yea, she’s the black sheep of the family. But I guess that’s the cross that we have to bear.”… Continue Reading

  • The Nine and the One

    Are you like me, in that it’s the negative comments that consume more of your brain power than the positive ones? We could have 9 really positive, uplifting and affirming comments about us, but one person says something negative, and we dwell on that one comment. It doesn’t really have to be negative, the comment… Continue Reading

  • Summer With an Intern

    This summer, our church had an intern through the Transgenerational Ministry. The intern was a former youth student of mine when I was in Hawaii. And he stayed with us in our tiny apartment for the duration of his internship (a looooong 6 1/2 weeks. Heh.) It’s been a full week since he’s been gone.… Continue Reading

  • Things That Happen at Starbucks

    I was sitting outside of a Starbucks with my (new) favorite drink, a grande iced coffee with vanilla and soy, enjoying the sunny (and still cool) California morning, and working on a short talk that I had to give later in the afternoon. A family of four came to sit at the only other available… Continue Reading

  • Preaching

    The wife, the intern and I went to check out Mosaic at the Mayan a little while ago. I personally love going to worship at Mosaic. Their atmosphere is unique, considering worship is held at a night club. But more than that, their praise is incredible. They have incredible musicians leading worship. And on top… Continue Reading

  • Cannot Keep You

    Gungor happens to be one of my favorite bands (not just Christian) that I’ve pleasantly stumbled upon. I’m looking forward to seeing them and David Crowder Band and John Mark McMillan in concert in October. (yay). Gungor has a song called “Cannot Keep You” and in the song, they sing: we cannot keep you in… Continue Reading