The Parable of the Rich Caddy

Tiger Woods and his caddie Steve Williams
Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

How we love to get our voice heard.
Call it vindication, or revenge, or making a point or whatever… but it had a lot to do with ego and knowing that your voice will be heard and knowing that a certain someone will hear the words you are about to say.

In Luke, there’s a parable that Jesus told about the rich fool, who all of a sudden comes into great fortune and plans out a future for himself.

In his short monologue, he mentions “I”, “my” or “myself” about 10 times.

In his 90 second or so interview, Steve Williams, former caddy of Tiger Woods mentioned the words “I” or “my” 27 times. And mentions Adam Scott (the winner of the tournament) only once.

It’s been hard to take Tiger’s side in anything since his scandals. But, it’s not that difficult to see that Steve Williams, for whatever reasons, completely stole the spotlight from the deserving Adam Scott to rub it in that he is still bitter towards Tiger. No matter how Tiger may have ended their professional relationship, it takes a real hot dog to steal the glory and spotlight from someone who earned it.


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