Customer Service

It’s always nice to have a great experience with customer service.
I recently had to contact Simply Youth Ministry twice for two different reasons, and both times, I talked with Jake, and both times, Jake went, what I felt, above and beyond.

And you may say to yourself, oh they’re just like that because they’re a faith-based organization. Try contacting the business office of my seminary, and you’ll see that just because an organization is faith based, it doesn’t mean they’re willing to be gracious or courteous. At all.

On top of that, I sent an email to Josh Griffin, the youth pastor for Saddleback Church, asking him about a sermon series he did for his youth group. I kinda sent him that email thinking that it might be a long shot. But he responded right away answering all the questions that I had.

In a denomination that stresses to be “connectional,” I sometimes feel like I am pulling teeth for colleagues to get back to me. Or work on a project together without a personal agenda.

I guess I’m being a little catty today.
It’s because I haven’t had my coffee yet, not that’s ever an excuse…

But, if you’re in youth ministry and you need curriculum or what not, try They’re really willing to help you.

2 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. Thank you.
    I think what floored me the most was when I purchased something on the website, and I couldn’t get the serial number, so I sent an email to you guys at like Saturday evening… and you still got back to me…


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