NFL in Los Angeles or Help the Less Fortunate?

Let me just say a disclaimer: when it comes to these kind of things, I’m fairly naive. Perhaps there’s things deeper in this issue than I can see. Besides, what information I get from the political world, I rely on Jon Stewart and the Daily Show. Which, I know isn’t enough. And perhaps this is irresponsible of me, but I like staying rather naive when it comes the world of politics.

With that said, let me also add that I would LOVE the NFL in Los Angeles. Only for a chance to see the Redskins come in to town or a chance to watch an NFL game.
From the looks of it, it looks like the NFL will come to Los Angeles soon.

But last night, watching the news, this story came up:
Click the link and read the story (or watch the video).

In a nutshell, after promises of no tax money being used to build the Farmer’s Stadium, our mayor “OK’d $1 million of federal community development block grant money, earmarked to help the poor and needy, to go to the Gensler Architectural Firm.”

Please read the article for more information, but Gensler’s eligible for the money if they produce only 29 new jobs, with at least 51% having no more than a high school education.

Sure, it creates new jobs, 250 in total for the Los Angeles County.

But it just doesn’t feel right.

As much as I love football and the NFL, as much as new jobs that may bring into our county, we again ignore the poor and the homeless.

I hope those who filed the complaints will be heard.

I’m sure there are many aspects of this story that I do not understand.
And maybe to many it makes sense, what the mayor is doing.

But something just ain’t right…

3 thoughts on “NFL in Los Angeles or Help the Less Fortunate?

  1. No, it’s not right. In fact, it’s only slightly less wrong than what those Dodger fanatics did to that Giants fan. The harsh reality is though, that in the Los Angeles area, if a team came to town, and you offered someone who lived hand to mouth either tickets to a game, or money to feed their children, they would be hard fought to choose. What is sadder still, if the mayor has the ability to shuffle money from one pot to the next with biased intent, or just being cavalier, then the likelihood that it would have really gone to those that most deserved it seems like it may have been doomed from the beginning…

  2. If you were watching the Twilight Zone, you would hear the voice of Rod Serling introducing the episode. You are watching a reality show called politics. Reality is that the mayor is a politician. Reality is that he is simply doing what politicians do, putting taxpayer money where it will do him and his administration the most good. To expect integrity from a politician is an exercise in wishful thinking.

  3. I think your line of reasoning is absolutely correct. Downtown LA continues to have the largest population of homeless people in America- with over 4,000 people a night calling the streets or shelters of Skid Row home every night.

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