• Reverse Trick Or Treating

    Last year, I took a bunch of my youth kids and we went trick or treating to the houses around the church. But instead of receiving candy from these  people, we actually gave them candy with a small paper attached that had our church’s name on it. We didn’t stay and talk about the church… Continue Reading

  • #FirstWorldProblems

    It’s rather embarrassing how much stress and anger a simple little gadget can cause. For some reason, my iPod has decided that the left ear channel was too much of an hassle to have it work all the time. So now, I get sound only out of the right earphones. (It’s not the earphones.) Oh.… Continue Reading

  • My Grandmother

    Currently, my dad is in Korea visiting his mother, after a minor heart attack (I think). And I think she’s 92 or so, and she wanted to see my dad in person. I don’t really know my grandmother very well. The formidable parts of my childhood (and the parts I remember) really take place in… Continue Reading

  • Things That Happen At Starbucks

    “So, with all those books and that bible, you a pastor somewhere?” “Yea, I’m one of the pastors at Valencia United Methodist Church on McBean, right across the street from Henry Mayo Hospital.” “Methodist, huh?” Crap. I started to think that this conversation wasn’t going to go well. Never mind that I was deeply into… Continue Reading

  • Gungor, Music, Worship

    Yesterday, I wrote about the 7 Tour and what David Crowder Band has meant to me. Gungor has now been filling the void that is going to be left by DCB. I absolutely love their sound, lyrics and theology. Gungor did an acoustic set at the 7 Tour, but will be back in LA in… Continue Reading

  • David Crowder Band and the 7 Tour

    This past weekend, I probably witnessed the last time I would ever see David Crowder Band perform together. My journey with David Crowder began years ago. I was first introduced to them early in my college years. You see, we were broke college students. Christmas was coming up, and we didn’t know what to get… Continue Reading

  • Thou Shall Not Covet

    I got an email from Shane Raynor (please go read his blog and check out Ministry Matters, as well) playfully asking me about the (a bit disappointing?) iPhone announcement and if I had plan on getting one. I can’t. I have T-Mobile. For another good year. And T-Mobile, I read, isn’t getting the iPhone any time soon,… Continue Reading