Reverse Trick Or Treating

Last year, I took a bunch of my youth kids and we went trick or treating to the houses around the church.
But instead of receiving candy from these  people, we actually gave them candy with a small paper attached that had our church’s name on it.
We didn’t stay and talk about the church or what not, we just gave the candy and moved on to the next house.

The reactions from the neighbors were great. They came out to give us candy, but were confused when we handed them candy. Some insisted that we still take their candy, others just said thank you, and a few, “This is new…”

It was a good time had by all. And a great way to let the neighbors know of our existence. Did any of them ever come to the church? I don’t know.
But I hope that we were able to leave some sort of good impression on them.

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2 thoughts on “Reverse Trick Or Treating

  1. Hi!
    I actually stumbled upon your blog via a random Google search I just did on street evangelism. I was lead to a 2008 post you wrote about your slight annoyance towards street evangelists who used microphones and loud speakers. While I LOVE the idea of ministering to the lost, this approach isn’t my favorite either. After reading that post and then coming and reading this one, it was so refreshing. I love the approach you used in reverse trick or treating last year… so subtle yet so profound. Most things are the most intimidating when they are misunderstood… people don’t need to be bombarded with the facts about the message of Christ, they simply need to understand it. I think your method last Halloween helped them to understand =)

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!
      I know that the shouting and loud bullhorns/microphones approach is important to some. And I don’t mean to knock it. Just personal preference. I think that evangelism is VERY important, just that people (even Christians) associate the word evangelism with something negative…
      Instead of being bombarded with facts about Christ and his message, they need to be “bombarded” with grace and love.

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