Take a Moment

I feel like everyone moves through life way too fast. There are so many things to do. Deadlines to meet. People to beat… No. Deadlines to beat and people to meet…  Errands to run. Meetings to attend. We move, move, move and do, do, do.

Even when we take “vacations”, work sometimes follow us. Or it’s at the back of our minds.

I think it’s healthy to just take a moment. To give ourselves permission to stop what we’re doing and just… be.
With all the things we have to do, our lives are filled with stress and we miss out on the joy that every moment has an opportunity to bring.

So today, take a moment to smell a flower, watch animals interact with its surrounding, take in a deep breath, I don’t know. Just do anything that’ll remind you of your worth and how you are God’s beloved.

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