• Cheekswab.org

    I met this young man during my first official church job. He was a senior in high school. I was a green, first year seminary student working at Korean United Methodist Church of Greater Washington (KUMCGW) as a jr. high pastor. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with being on a staff of a church.… Continue Reading

  • Email to ThinkGeek.com Customer Service

    long story short: my wife bought me this bag for like my 30th birthday. it broke once, they sent me a new one. the same problem occurred with the replacement, and this time, they said there wasn’t much they could do about it. I actually really do like this product, so without any hope of… Continue Reading

  • The 3rd Generation

    I’m currently reading David Kinnamin’s You Lost Me. He writes about how the 3rd generation is no longer aware the language, values and culture of the first generation. My parents are First Generation Koreans, or Immigrant Koreans. While, technically, I’m Generation 1.5 (because I was born in Korea and moved to ‘Merica! when I was… Continue Reading

  • Believe. Believe. Believe…. is not enough…

    So I bought Louis CK’s Live at the Beacon for $5 on his website.  I love standup comedy. I learn a lot about preaching and story telling from watching standup comedians. Some people complain that sermons are too long and boring, but those very same people probably would watch an hour of a good standup… Continue Reading

  • I Think It’s Time For a Hair Cut

    I’ve been growing my hair out, telling people I’m not going to cut it until I get ordained. I realized how silly of a statement that is. I mean, really, what’s my hair length have to do with anything? I thought that it would be a reminder to keep focused and pray and all sorts… Continue Reading