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Yesterday, I sent this email to
Now, I sent it thinking that it was just for fun, that they wouldn’t really do anything about it, and I was left with this broken bag.

But today, I got this response from RJ:

That was quite a read! I didn’t mind though! It was most amusing and yes, the shades of pink on your pencil holder really are…well…pink. I applaud you for being comfortable carrying that around!

If it were me, I might possibly accidentally-on-purpose lose the pencil holder.
I have gone ahead and set up a replacement to be shipped to you. No need to return the defective bag you have, you can simply toss it if you wish.
Your replacement order ID is ___. You will be sent a new tracking number once it has left the warehouse.
Here’s to a less um, sweaty 5-7 minute walk to Starbucks.
If you have any questions, please let me know.


I am completely psyched (do we still use that word?) and excited!
I like to think that it was my email that persuaded them.. but it doesn’t matter. I’m just glad that I get a new bag.

Whatever the response would’ve been, has always been one of my favorite places to go buy things and their customer service has always been great. They definitely wouldn’t have lost my business if they told me that I couldn’t get a replacement.

But, they were really gracious, and I’m really grateful.
Yay. I’m stoked! (do we still use that word?)

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