I met this young man during my first official church job.
He was a senior in high school. I was a green, first year seminary student working at Korean United Methodist Church of Greater Washington (KUMCGW) as a jr. high pastor. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with being on a staff of a church.

I never got to know Dan that well and never really had that many conversations with him when we were both at KUMCGW.
But over the years, I’ve “stalked” him online and reading his words, thoughts and his story through his blog.

His words, as a young Korean-American, has hit home many times. Whether he knows it or not, he often expresses the sentiment that I see in young people of faith that I’ve run into on the other side of the country.
His frustrations with church has been eye (and heart) opening for me. I wish I had gotten to know him better when we both physically in NOVA. But I’ve been getting to know him more  through his blog.

I hope that you can take a little time to stop by and read his story on his website and organization that went live this past week at

His story is inspirational, and I know that God is using him to change and save many people’s lives.

Sometimes, I sit back and wish I can do something to change the world or make the world a better place. While I still dream and vision, Dan has gone and done something. I hope to follow his lead.

Please take a minute and read his story and check out his site and see how you can help carry this young man’s story and dream into your own world.

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  1. thanks p joe. i think you’re getting the years wrong though; I’m pretty sure you came into KUMC when i was at least in early high school, maybe even middle school. I’m not sure how your arrival coincided with e/p’s arrival.

    regardless, we were both noobs back then.

    1. Lol. I came in September of ’03. I think y’all graduated in 04. Pastor Eumin had recently left and Pastor John Choi took over. I look back at those days and just cringe about many many things. Lol

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