• Warm Bodied Based Ministry

    We, as churches, need to really find ways not to employ the Warm Bodied Based Ministry. That’s when there’s a need for a position to be filled (whether paid or by a unpaid servant) and we just put whoever’s nearby to take that leadership role. That person might be the most ill-equipped person, but they have… Continue Reading

  • Challenging the Youth

    A while back, I attended a youth event/retreat/conference. Before I continue, I feel like I have to (always) give a little disclaimer. I know that what I write  often comes off as attacking/negative/critical. I try not to be both in my life outside of this blog and on this blog. But there are things that… Continue Reading

  • Preaching the Gospel

    Professionally and occupationally, preaching is the biggest part of our job description. It’s the one thing where everyone gets to see what we do. Sometimes, people think it’s the only thing we do. We’ve all been asked this question in one form or another: “Soooo… what do you do rest of the week?” For that reason alone, I… Continue Reading

  • Just Respect Everyone Around You…

    I was reading an article by Bill Simmons on Grantland, and in the All-Linsanity Mailbag, Simmons drop a bit of knowledge from a reliable source of his saying that Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni didn’t even acknowledge Jeremy Lin or addressed him by name when Lin first joined the New York Knickerbockers. Oh. I bet Mike… Continue Reading

  • Linsanity Effect

    So this morning at 7am, I decided to stop by my favorite Starbucks to pick up a grande americano with a little bit of steamed soy milk before I head into the office. Starbucks was fairly empty except for these four old white guys sitting around the big (handicap) table. As I’m walking towards the… Continue Reading