Draft Day

One of my childhood dreams were like many of boys: to be a professional athlete.
I’m sad to admit how much sports consumes my life. I love it. I’m obsessed with it. I get too emotionally attached to my teams and favorite players. I don’t think it’s healthy. But it’s fun.

I like watching the first round of the NFL draft, as the kids are decked out in their custom-tailored suits and awkwardly smiling at the cameras when they’re not drafted when they thought they’d be. Even cooler when kids who are a guaranteed first-round pick skips the draft altogether and hang out doing something else, like fishing. 

I think today is the closest I’ll ever get to somewhat know what it feels like being a prospective player.

Some time today, I’ll receive a call from someone on the BOOM (Board of Ordained Ministry) to let me know if I passed my ordination interviews, much like how a draftee will get a call from the head coach or general manager of a team to let him know that he’s been drafted by the team.

Sure. There’s a huge difference between the two scenarios, I know.

However, there’s a lot of queasiness, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of ‘what if…’, a lot of butterflies, a lot of expecting the worst and planning like wise… which I’m sure crosses the minds of those who are in the draft.

Okay. Perhaps, comparing myself to first rounders is a bit of a far stretched. Maybe it’s more like someone who’s going to go in the 6th or 7th round of the draft. If they don’t get drafted, their options are limited: try to be a undrafted free agent or pursue a different calling in life.

Either way, the butterflies can consume you.

So here’s to today.
Whatever the outcome may be, may I still be humble and grateful to the God who loves me and has called me.

4 thoughts on “Draft Day

  1. Pastor Joe – I’m glad God drafted you for this team at this time! I am looking forward to Michelle studying with you and the youth group now that she is about to finish 6th grade.

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