Linsanity Effect

Believe yet? #Linsanity

So this morning at 7am, I decided to stop by my favorite Starbucks to pick up a grande americano with a little bit of steamed soy milk before I head into the office. Starbucks was fairly empty except for these four old white guys sitting around the big (handicap) table. As I’m walking towards the store, the four gentlemen stop their conversation and all four look at me through the window, one pointing at me.

Now. Let me just say, as a minority, it’s never a good, good feeling when a group of white folks stop what they’re doing and start staring at you. It’s even worse when one is pointing at you, because you know they’re looking at you.

So, I’m going through all the thoughts in my head of why these four old white guys are pointing and staring at me:
Nope. They don’t go to my church.
Are they from Hawaii? (I’m wearing my University of Hawaii sweater)
Wait. Do they go to church? No, I don’t think so….
Oh no… it’s going to be some stupid, borderline racist crap… I sure hope not..

I walk through the door, and one of them says, “Great game last night, Jeremy Lin.”
Dammit. I knew it.
I looked at them and said, “That’s a bit racist” as loud as I could so that the few people in the store could hear. And of course, it was accompanied by my warm and friendly smile.

Their comment didn’t bother me at all. In all honesty, I kinda was laughing. I got this crap when Yao Ming first entered the league, too.

The guys awkwardly laughed off my comment.
Later, one of the guys passed by me as I was waiting for my drink on the way to the restroom and he just gave me a friendly smile and a wink as if to say, “We were kidding.”
No hard feelings, at all. They’re old. Different era. Different generation. It could’ve been worse. I mean, they could’ve called me various things, like Charlie or whatever.

As I was leaving, I said, “You gentlemen have a great rest of the day.” And they all four, in unison said, “Thanks, you too.”
And now, I have a funny story to tell about how racist white folks are. I’m totally kidding.

I can’t help get excited about Jeremy Lin.
Of course, he makes it harder for ALL Asian kids now.
Harvard. NBA starting point guard. The pressure amongst Asian students have become greater.

He’s a far better story than Tim Tebow, in my opinion.
If you take away Tebow’s hype, what do you have really? A QB with below average stats. Lin is an actual proven baller. He has his stats to back it up, and now an NBA record.

I’m surprised that the evangelical Christians haven’t jumped on the Lin bandwagon as much as they did Tebow’s. Lin is a strong Christian, even thought (thinking?) about being a pastor. There could be various reasons of why Linsanity isn’t as widespread as Tebowmania.
1) NFL is much bigger than NBA.
2) Tebow is a ruggedly handsome dude.
3) Lin doesn’t name drop God as much as Tebow…
4)…or… I’m dumb. I haven’t been reading around as much, and maybe Linsanity has gotten as exciting and big as Tebowmania.

Either way, I have to admit that I’m more excited about Jeremy Lin than Tebow.
Years ago, my friend and I had this conversation about how we just want a decent Asian American NBA player, someone who’s not over 7 ft tall. Someone who can dribble, shoot, drive, etc.

And as much as I ragged on Tebow during the season, I think he’s a helluva guy and am sort of glad that Tebow and Lin get attention for their faith as much as their game.

Anyway, heads up for all of us Asian males. Get ready for the Lin comparisons.

…oh… and I should stay away from pick up games a little longer, because there’s going to be nothing but disappointment from failing to meet expectations now that Linsanity is all around us.

4 thoughts on “Linsanity Effect

  1. You have missed out – Linsanity has gotten as big as Tebowmania. He has single-handedly renewed my interest in the NBA. And this from a “I hate New York” kind of guy.

    1. I know that Jeremy Lin is HUGE, but I was more referring to the Evangelical “bandwagon.”
      When Tebow won that OT game against the Bears, there were Christians folks chiming in everywhere… TMZ even got a phone interview with Tebow’s pastor…

  2. Another one to add to your list of why Lin isn’t as hyped as Tebow with the evangelical Christian crowd: he doesn’t look like them. I think race plays a big role in the Linsanity story, both good and bad, and not completely understood or examined yet…

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