Another Post About Jeremy Lin, But Not Really

I don’t know if white people get like this (or even other minorities, for that matter), but I know many of us Asians do.

The other night, we went to a burger establishment to get some good burgers. (At least I thought they were good…)
In the restaurant were four Asian boys (I know for sure, 3 of them were Korean). And they were loud, rambunctious and annoying. I wanted to walk over there, smack all 4 of them across the back of their heads and say, “Be respectful and think about how your parents would feel if they saw you.”
They were apparently doing the burger challenge (eat a 24oz burger) at the restaurant. They were loud, rambunctious and annoying (yes, it’s worth repeating).

It was obvious that people around us were thoroughly annoyed.
They finished their challenge, got their picture taken, and walked out… leaving all their trash behind.

I couldn’t help feel somewhat responsible for the whole situation. It wouldn’t have felt wrong in any sense, if I got up and apologized on behalf of those boys.

I can’t be the only one who feels like that, right?
When we’re in a restaurant, and two Asian people are talking so loudly, and I mean LOUDLY in their native tongue, I can’t help but talk quieter to balance out their loudness.

When the V-Tech shootings happen, South Korean President Roh apologized three separate times for the actions of Cho, because Cho was South Korean. And believe me, a lot of us Koreans felt apologetic to the country.

It’s also why we all get excited when someone makes it big, like Jeremy Lin.
Or Hee Jun from American Idol. Or why many of us Koreans root for Manchester United because Park Ji Sung is on the team.


Now. I want to finish this thought. But something crazy just went down here at Starbucks.
Someone was sitting in the big table (handicap table) reading the paper with his wallet and phone on the table. This kid just went up, grabbed the things on the table and tried to run off. The man tried to stop him, but fell out of his chair from the force of the kid trying to run away. Someone else got up to chase the kid. The sheriffs are now pulling in (the fastest I’ve seen our sheriff department respond) And I don’t know if the guy was caught.

Man. We gotta be careful with all of our stuff. I admit, I’m pretty careless with my stuff at Starbucks.

I totally lost my train of thought.

Please be mindful of your belongings in public.

4 thoughts on “Another Post About Jeremy Lin, But Not Really

  1. Joe I remember when you were loud, rambunctious and annoying. Now look at you, all responsible and respected in the community. Maybe they just need to grow up a little. Maybe they need better Asian role models. Maybe they need a smack upside the head. Just saying.
    As an Asian I am more embarrassed by the actions of other Asians than white people, and proud of those doing well. Asian pride?

    1. I was never loud, rambunctious and annoying! How dare you!!!!! …..
      okay. maybe I was a little loud. And perhaps a bit rambunctious. And a little annoying here and there… but still….


  2. Hey Jeremy Lin (just kidding),

    I enjoy your blog. Keep it up. I don’t always agree with you, but I do enjoy it. May the Lord continue to use and bless you brother Joseph. Yoo got jokes!

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