Who Is Jesus Christ To You?

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That was the last question that was asked in my last interview of the day for ordination.

I thought we were done, because everyone put their notes down and the time keeper said something like, “2 minutes.”

I’m thinking, “Okay. Day’s over. Let’s go home. I’m exhausted.”
And one of the BOOM (Board of Ordained Ministry) members of the Theology section says, “I have one more and final question: Who is Jesus Christ to you?”

Needless to say, this is how it felt: (from 2:35-2:43)

It’s not the funnest of feelings trying to get back into interview mode after dropping your guard (even for a second).
I stammered, and repeated the question, hoping time would run out and when it didn’t, I blasted through.
The following is a more thought out answer from the day of the interviews.

I believe Jesus Christ to be my Savior. But I believe that is not enough. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely important and vital to have Jesus Christ as our Savior. But, I can’t let my relationship with Christ begin and end there.

It’s part of human nature to take things for granted.
People who have a near death experience, they come out the other side with a whole new appreciation and perspective of life. They talk about how they love to hear the birds sing in the morning, the smell of nature, the way the sun feels on their skin etc. Because they could’ve lost everything, every small moment is now precious, and they soak life in. But after a period of time, that sentiment sort of fades. Sure, they still hold onto appreciating life’s every moment, but it’s not as enthusiastic and pure as before.
Simply put, the novelty fades away.

When someone is rescued by another person, they are grateful for the life saver.
The rescuee may go out of his/her way to show gratitude and appreciation for her savior. Not a single day may go by without thinking about the bravery of her rescuer. She may go as far as taking her savior’s entire family out for dinner, sending birthday gifts, whatever to show her appreciation. But 5 years down the road, while she may still have gratitude and appreciation for the person that saved her life… it’s very possible and realistic that the feeling of gratitude and appreciation may not be as intense.
It’s not bad, it’s just seems to be part of our nature.

That can happen with our relationship with Jesus if we let Christ be our Savior and nothing more. That’s why some people are “saved” many times over. I remember hearing a teen from the documentary The Lost Children of Rockdale County say something like, “I was just tired of getting saved every week.”

Yes, Jesus Christ is my Savior, but he is also my Lord and Master. Because Jesus saved me, my life is indebted to him; my life now belongs to him.
As Wesley’s prayer says, “I am no longer my own, but thine.”
So, as Christ as my Lord, I now live my life for him. So, ideally, where Christ goes, I follow. Where Christ decides to send me, I go. What Christ wants me to do, I do. But, I fight. I can’t lie, I fight and resist. But in the end, Jesus love wins me over. Because Jesus is a Master full of love and full of grace. That’s who Jesus Christ is to me.

He is the one who looks me into my eyes and says, “Child, where are they? Has no one condemned you?… Then neither do I condemn you.”
But he is also the one who gently adds, “Go now, and leave your life of sin.”

That is why when we accept Jesus as our Savior, Lord and Master, we are no longer the same. Because, we are handing our lives over to him, and his grace and love is so overwhelming, that it begins to change us from the inside out. We can’t remain the same when we start living for Jesus’ purpose and no longer our own.

And living for Jesus’ purpose, cause and mission – living with Christ as my Master – is where I know I’ll find true freedom.


10 thoughts on “Who Is Jesus Christ To You?

  1. I understand you completely when you say,

    “I believe Jesus Christ to be my Savior. But I believe that is not enough. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely important and vital to have Jesus Christ as our Savior. But, I can’t let my relationship with Christ begin and end there.”

    It begins with Christ being who he was before He came to earth to save us by dying on the cross for us, and it continues after He resurrected. He is now not only our savior, but our master and commander as if He wasn’t before that already. After all, is He not the Word who was there in the beginning through whom everything was made?

  2. I have been meeting Jesus again (in the words of Marcus Borg) all my life. He continues to mean different things to me, challenge me, inspire me, and invite me.

  3. I’m writing a personal statement right now about who Christ is to me, and the entire time i was typing thngs like “Jesus is my father” but then deleting it all because i thought to myself.. yeah.. but He is SO much more? There are endless amounts of words to describe Him and i believe those three are just a few to describe the almighty… How could words ever describe such an unending, unconditional, undeniable, love that will never ever seize to exsist.

  4. who Jesus Christ is to us determines the kind of life we. if He is just your savior who always saves and forgives you of all your sins, “which He does”, then you will always be sinning and hurting him, and going back for forgiveness, because it is His nature to forgive. but if He is more to you, like your friend, lover, master, hope. am sure u will always want to make him happy, and please him. and that’s by obeying his command. its time for us Christians to really define our faith and know who really Christ is to us. I bet we would make the world jealous and draw more souls to Him

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