No Worries

Sunrise 3
Sunrise 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Without Easter, our faith-our lives- would be a bit pointless.

Easter- Christ’s resurrection- is the engine that drives Christianity, our faith and our lives. Because of Easter, we have hope. As the song says, “Because he lives, I can face tomorrow. ”

Tony Campolo famously preaches about his pastor’s Easter sermon: It’s Friday, but Sunday’s a-comin’. It’s such a great sermon, if you get a chance, here’s an excerpt from the sermon

It often feels like we’re always in the midst of Friday – when Jesus is hanging dead on a cross; when everything that can go wrong, does go wrong and then some…

If we let it, we can let our lives drown in Fridays. We can let our lives be swallowed by the darkness of worries that Friday brings.

Worries of…
…financial security and stability
…job security
…the future
…family life

… and much, much more. Some more serious, some a bit more trivial. But worries, nevertheless.
But here’s the good news of the Gospel: we don’t have to be stuck in Fridays, because Sunday’s a comin’!

Even in the darkest hours of our lives; even in the stormiest of weather, murkiest of waters, and even if we’re lost in the middle of nowhere, Sunday’s a coming.
And with Sunday, with Easter, with the resurrection, Christ brings hope. He brings light to guide us out of the darkness; shelter to protect us from the storms; a raft to help us navigate out of the waters; he gives us the Holy Spirit to guide us back home.

With Easter, comes hope.
With Sunday, we have a risen Savior.
With Sunday, we have a love that conquered death.
With Sunday, we have a love never ending and a hope everlasting.

That is why we can say to one another, “Hey, no worries.” Because for those of us who are lost in Fridays, no worries— Sunday’s a comin’.

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