People Who Give Up Never Change the World

I wanted to blog about this video before the bandwagon for it becomes too full.
If you haven’t seen it yet, please do so. It’s a bit “long” as it’s 11 minutes long. But I think it’s totally worth it:

The part that got to me the most was when Caine went back to school and was telling all his friends that he had an arcade and no one believed him. He didn’t want to wear his arcade staff shirt that he designed to school because he was afraid that he would get teased.

When we start pursuing a vision or a dream, we seem to encounter many skeptics and naysayers, as if chasing a dream isn’t hard enough without the “haters.”
Look at Nehemiah. Or Noah. Or basically anyone who “made it.”

Last October, through the Lewis Fellows Program, we got to meet with the senior pastor of the Church of Resurrection in Kansas for an hour or so. Near the end of the our discussion, he simply told us to never give up, that people “who change the world never give up.”

Part of living out God’s dream or vision God has placed in our hearts is enduring and persevering.

Because a lot of the Caine’s father’s business went online, there weren’t that many people passing by the autoshop. And those who had business at the shop rarely took time to play in Caine’s arcade. But as his father said, “He never gets discouraged. He’s always sweeping up, dusting off the games, waiting for customers.”

And one day, the right customer came – someone who was able to appreciate Caine’s work, vision, and dream.
Thanks to Narvin, more and more people are learning about Caine’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. At the end of the short film, there’s a link to donate to Caine’s scholarship fund, which at this moment is at $96,465.
So good for Caine and his family. I hope that he continues to chase his dreams and apply his creativity into making his world a better place. And good for Narvin, too, who was just the right dream/vision supporter that Caine needed.

Perhaps enduring and preserving gets lost in our now culture, where we want results right here, right now.
Too many people give up too soon.
Chasing a dream, bringing vision to life usually doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears, as people would say. It takes time. It even takes failing, stumbling and falling down a few times (or more).

So we need to fight through the discouragement. We need to not take to heart the things that naysayers and “realistic” people have to say. Instead, we need to lift our eyes to the mountains and focus our eyes and hearts on Christ.

As Coach Jimmy V said, “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.”

“People who give up never change the world.”

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