• Are There Books of the Bible That You Avoid?

    Okay. Maybe “avoid” is too strong of a word. I guess what I mean is, are there any books of the Bible that you tend not to read, unless you have to? I mean there are books of the Bible that I always gravitate towards for devotional times. I always like the narrative stories, so… Continue Reading

  • My Transition (New Appointment)

    For a little while, I wanted to title all of my blog posts starting with a “My” a la one of my favorite shows, Scrubs. But that’s neither here nor there. This past Sunday, I announced that I will be serving St. Mark United Methodist Church in Santa Barbara, effective July 1. It’s truly bittersweet.… Continue Reading

  • Be Present

    I think it’s fair to say that we certainly live in the busiest culture and times. Everyone’s got something to do or somewhere to be. Cost of living is high. Many are struggling to make ends meet with one job, so they take on two or more jobs. Many are struggling to keep a certain… Continue Reading

  • Being Without Doing

    It saddens me to see so many UM local churches that are declining and ineffective, because we don’t have to be. I’m not saying that all UM churches should be flourishing with members, growing each year, and have lots of money in the bank. Not at all. But I know that every single UM church… Continue Reading

  • Hunger Games

    Sorry for the misleading title, but this post is not going to be about Katniss or Gale or Peeta or the love triangle of Galniss vs. Keeta (the other possible combination of names never mind). The picture you see is of my dad, 6 days in to his fast. Every time he fasts for a… Continue Reading

  • Things My Dad Taught Me

    If there’s one lesson that I learn from my dad is: Take everything to prayer. For me, the picture next to Prayer Warrior would be of my father. The man is a man of prayer. And God has blessed him through his prayers. One of the earliest memories I have of living in America is… Continue Reading