Are There Books of the Bible That You Avoid?

Okay. Maybe “avoid” is too strong of a word. I guess what I mean is, are there any books of the Bible that you tend not to read, unless you have to?

I mean there are books of the Bible that I always gravitate towards for devotional times. I always like the narrative stories, so Judges, 1 & 2 Samuel, 1 & 2 Kings are usually books I read for devotions. Along with Mark’s and Luke’s Gospels, Acts, Romans and Philippians.

My sister in-law does bible studies/readings/devotionals with her teenage daughter. And a few years back (before her daughter became a teenager) they were reading Deuteronomy, and the girl says to her mom, “Deuteronomy? It’s more like Do-Not-Read-To-Me!” I heard that story and I couldn’t stop laughing.

There are books that I tend to not read more than others. Leviticus. Numbers. 1 & 2 Chronicles. Song of Songs. Lamentations. For different reasons. Some of them being mind-numbing numbers, ratios and facts. And I tend to avoid Revelations. Part of it being that I don’t really know how to read it. I know that I don’t interpret in the sense of books that led to movies starring Kirk Cameron.

So, I was just wondering, are there books of the Bible that you haven’t read in years, and don’t really plan on reading them any time soon? If so, what and why?

Or am I some sort of heretic and should faithfully read all the books in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, in that order?


One thought on “Are There Books of the Bible That You Avoid?

  1. I found that reading through books that I don’t usually read offers new insights. I’ve read through chronologically, randomly, and Genesis-through-Revelation, and each way offers new insights. Even Leviticus.

    I don’t generally care for Leviticus and Numbers, and I don’t give a lot of attention to the minor prophets. Or Philemon.

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