• My Finale

    I think it’s safe to say that the younger we were, the more exciting and out there our dreams were. We didn’t really care or think about logistics or reality. We just thought, man that would be cool to do that or be that. But life does something to us. As we grow, as we… Continue Reading

  • To My Mother

    So, there was a time where I pretty much listened to nothing but Korean music, or Kpop. Like any pop music, a lot of Kpop was really infectious. It still is. While I don’t listen to it as much as I used to, once in a while, I let my iPod go shuffle crazy and… Continue Reading

  • Religious Freedom is Not a One Way Street

    Dear Sisters and Brothers of Christ, We can’t get angry and all up in arms when Atheists and ACLU try to eliminate aspects of Christian religion in public or government places (like no Bibles in the workplace, no more Pledge of Allegiance, no prayer in schools, etc) and then demand that Muslims and Mosques have… Continue Reading

  • So… Now What?

    So that happened this weekend. It was an end of a long, often frustrating journey that began in 2007 and a journey I often blogged about. (I just realized I’m almost tall as the Bishop kneeling… but I digress). Each time I was continued (read: didn’t pass/failed) I wondered why I was going through all… Continue Reading

  • 6 Years

    Today is our 6th anniversary. 6 years seem short on one hand and on the other, I feel like I’ve known her forever. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, partner and wife. Thanks for putting up with me for the past 6 years. And may God grant you the patience and wisdom to put… Continue Reading

  • Rumor Has It

    I think some rumors are created/spread to help someone fill in between dots. We have a staff. Someone leaves unexpectedly, and no one who knows the real story is talking. But, our desire to know — our curiosity– can’t leave it alone. Something happened. There is a reason. So we start filling in the blanks.… Continue Reading

  • Things I Won’t Miss

    Now, now don’t get the wrong idea. Moving is just as difficult (if not more) for the clergy and clergy’s family than the congregation. I say “if not more” because the congregation only has to say good by to, in our case, just the two of us– my wife and myself. Us, on the other… Continue Reading