To My Mother

So, there was a time where I pretty much listened to nothing but Korean music, or Kpop. Like any pop music, a lot of Kpop was really infectious. It still is. While I don’t listen to it as much as I used to, once in a while, I let my iPod go shuffle crazy and korean songs play randomly. And it’s usually old school Korean songs that I still listen to.

This group came at the peak of my Kpop days. I think all of us Koreans saw our moms in this song. I remember driving home one day in seminary, and this song came up and my wife (then my girlfriend) started to get teary eyed thinking of her mom.

There’s no doubt that our parents have went through a lot and sacrificed a lot to make our lives as easy as possible. But not easy enough that we would be rendered useless in society.

Anyway, this song played randomly while I was doing the dishes the other day and it made me think about my mom and my mother in-law and Kpop. If you dare, take a gander at the music video and listen to the song that sounds somewhat like Tupac’s Life Goes On

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