• Always Mind Your Surroundings

    So, that happened today. That was a result of me fighting for my life after being chased by two big humungous men. Considering that cut on my head and the minor limp I sustained, I’d say I got off easy. I don’t know why they were chasing me. Or how they were able to catch… Continue Reading

  • The Know-It-All

    Paul was absolutely right when he says, “Knowledge puffs up” because a Know-It-All is view as more of a nuisance than informative. And! We all get annoyed; when someone, corrects our Grammar. All. The, Time. Or when we say something and they say, “Well, actually, it's….” I mean once or twice is okay, but after… Continue Reading

  • I Don’t Think I’m a Good “American”

    “Proud to be an American” is a sentiment I never really felt nor really uttered. “Grateful to live in America?” Yes. “Thankful to be a citizen?” Most def. But proud? I don’t know. I mean, during world events, like the World Cup, I’m heavily invested in how the South Korean team does more than what… Continue Reading

  • Our Success Doesn’t Belong Just to Us

    A lot of people in our lives contributed to our success and our achievements. Sure, a lot of us think that we are our own wo/men; that we got to where we are on our own. But that’s not really true. Someone gave us a push here. Someone encouraged us there. Someone made a a… Continue Reading

  • Some Observations

    The one thing that has been blatantly obvious in my two weeks as a lead/solo pastor is that I need to really to be disciplined in my time management. (BTW, go visit here and vote for my friend and Co.'s submission. It's an app that can help you see how you spend your time.) Today,… Continue Reading

  • My First Day

    What a crazy, crazy week. Moving was hectic. I think I made 4 trips from Valencia to Santa Barbara in the span of 2 days. Then, it was Sunday. And to be perfectly honest, I haven't felt that under prepared for a Sunday since the days of not paying attention in seminary. Before I knew… Continue Reading