Some Observations

The one thing that has been blatantly obvious in my two weeks as a lead/solo pastor is that I need to really to be disciplined in my time management. (BTW, go visit here and vote for my friend and Co.'s submission. It's an app that can help you see how you spend your time.)

Today, I realized I spent over 30 min. reading my normal google reader feeds on my Mr. Reader app (another shout out to another app). But 90% of the things I was catching up on weren't beneficial to anything. Memes, and other stuff to keep me entertained. I saw that I may have to do some purging on my blog feeds so that not too much time is wasted. (On a completely contrary note, I'm always looking for good blogs to read. So suggest away in the comments, please.)

There are things that I want to diligently keep on doing, like updating this blog. This blog has always served as a form of release for me. Sharing ideas, thoughts, struggles, frustrations or mind-numbing observations (like today).

But I am learning that it is going to take work at being disciplined. I can't go and do all that I have done before. when I was an associate pastor. There has been a huge change in my life, and I need to start learning to adapt to this change, instead of stubbornly holding onto my ground and continuing to live the way I did before becoming a lead pastor.

There's a pruning process I need to go through, and I really need to limit things in my life that are a complete waste of time and bears no fruit in my life whatsoever. There are mindless and unproductive tasks that I need to keep around, like video games, mindless readings of blogs that have no purpose but for the sake of entertainment, TV and movies, pestering my wife, etc. But, I need to the be the “master of my domain” and not let my domain master me.

On the other hand, I'm having a blast getting to know the wonderful congregation. They have been gracious and have opened their arms, their doors and their hearts to us (is that how the Methodist slogan goes?).

There are many things that we can accomplish together as a church. I'm looking forward to see how God uses me and the congregation to share His Gospel.

So, onward we go, our hearts and eyes fixed on Jesus!

Btw, I came to Starbucks today to work on my sermon and catch up on some reading. Instead, I organized my sermon notes notebook and blogged about being more disciplined. Go figure.

But, I'm going to work on my sermon right after I schedule this post.

2 thoughts on “Some Observations

  1. Good luck on this journey, Joe. Sounds like you are going to have to make some transitions… and yet, don’t lose who you are and what brings you life.

    Even if that’s reading things that make you laugh and perk your imagination.

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