Letter from PJ to St. Mark

I know that Perry Noble from New Spring Church, every Thursday, writes a letter to his church on his blog.

I’d figure, at least for today, I’d borrow that shtick.

Howzit, St. Mark UMC!

I have 5 things I’d love to share with you today:

1 –  Let me just say how proud and honored I am to be the pastor at this church. St. Mark has been nothing but warm, gracious and welcoming to the both of us. And I am thankful (on top of being proud and honored) to be your pastor.

2 – When DS Coots told me that you were a praying church, boy she wasn’t kidding. I ask that you continue to pray for our church. Pray that God’s will (and God’s will alone) be done. Pray that we will be a center of hope and transformation in our community. And while you’re at it, pray for your pastor. He needs it.

3 – Change is always easier for the implementer, I understand that. Much like, the one who initiates the break-up in a relationship often has a better time coping than the dumped. I know that changes have been made here and there and I haven’t really taken time to explain a lot of things to everyone. And also know that changes are still going to happen. Some big. Some small. Some you’ll like a lot. Some that will have you questioning my sanity. And the leadership of the church will always try to keep communication open and clear. That goes for me too. So if something is pressing on your heart, come talk to me. And I’ll refer you to the right people 😉 I’m kidding.

4 – I am really excited about where God is leading us. And I’m more excited that we get to do ministry together.

5 – Starting this Sunday, we’ll be doing a 3 sermon series on Forgiveness. This Sunday, we’ll talk about not only forgiving ourselves, but owning up to ourselves, as well. The following Sunday, we’ll talk about why revenge may not be as sweet as we think. And the final week, we’ll talk about Christ’s model of forgiveness. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you all.

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