There were a lot of things I wanted to blog about but they were

1) Too personal at the moment

2) Too current and fresh, or

3) I forgot what I wanted to write about because I didn’t write it down when a thought entered my head and I said, “Oh, that would be good thing to try to play with.”

And to be honest, there’s a new dimension of pressure added when I know that the people I know read my blogs. Like my parents and current church members.

I think a sign that I’ve matured a little is that I understand the weight that words carry. I don’t mean that in any type of arrogant or prideful way. But before, I really didn’t care who read what I wrote and I sure didn’t care to hold anything back on this platform that gave me enough anonymity to be as open (read: critical, mean and snarky) as I wanted.

But the things I wanted to say were never constructively critical. Just critical. And at some point, I realized that if I weren’t careful, I’d turn into one of those Internet trolls that find safety in saying whatever one wants behind a screen and keyboard. Of course, 90% of those Internet trolls would never say those type of things in someone’s face.

So I’ve stopped, a while ago, with impulsive posts. They were never good. Both content-wise and affect-wise. There are times when being emotional helps the situation. And then there are times where being emotional gets in the way. That’s why you should always, always, always, always (times infinity) wait before firing off that angry and critical email. You can’t unsend that. Type it out. Sleep on it. Send it to yourself. Read it. And if you still feel compelled to send off that angry email, then send it, I guess, if you really, really must. I’d suggest that you call that person up. Unless it’s a corporation. Then fire away. Just kidding. Kind of. Ha.

Email has been the drunk dialing for people with complaints. Many regret the email they sent and wished they didn’t send it at all, or reworded it a bit, at the least. Nothing real positive comes from an angry email sent in the midst of raging emotions. It only slows down progress.

Anyway, the point of this post was that (wow, sorry for that huge sidetrack):

I’m sitting outside at Starbucks preparing for this Sunday’s sermon and finishing up on final touches of sermon series for the rest of 2012.

And the view is so splendid, with the clear blue skies and the mountains. I couldn’t help but think:

Life is simply too precious to waste it by filling our hours up with worries over trivial things.

Take a few moments today to count the blessings in your life, instead of counting what you lack.

We are all blessed in so many ways…

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