• Monsters Calling Home

    I’m going to be working on a little side project for the next few months. So the blog might not be updated as much. Or it may. I don’t know. Just giving you a heads up if I go silent online for a little while. In the mean time, a little while ago, on Angry… Continue Reading

  • He Is Out of His Mind

    Last week, my wife came home from a women’s Bible study group where they are going over Beth Moore’s interpretation of James (the name of the study escapes me at this moment). She was excited about the study and the discussions and shared with me a few things Beth Moore said on the DVD, particularly… Continue Reading

  • Preaching Weekly

    One of the biggest things I had to get adjusted to in my new appointment was preaching on a weekly basis. In seminary and 2 years in Hawaii (post-seminary), I did preach weekly. But from 2008 – June 2012, I preached about once a month. During those 4 years, I know those sermons were above… Continue Reading

  • Quit Changing Stuff Around, Dagnabbit!

    I've said this many times before on this blog: pastors don't like change either. We like implementing change. But, we don't like change implemented on us. No one does. Change is … different. Even if it is for the better, it takes time to adjust; to mourn and move on; to accept. People who say,… Continue Reading

  • So. Is God a Republican or a Democrat?

    Neither. I don't like election season. Mainly, people are more vocal (or open) about their political affiliation, especially on Social Media. And then Christians get involved, and the worst offenders are the ones who think you're a Christian only if you vote a certain (read: their) way. I'm also in the line of belief that… Continue Reading