Toilets and Tubs and Clogs, Oh My!

English: This is used to pee in the bathroom.

This weekend, we had a quite a bit of an “adventure” with the plumbing in our house.

Both toilets weren’t flushing correctly. Both showers were backing up. It’s not the best feeling in the world as you’re showering and the water (mixed with your day — especially if you went on a strenuous, sweaty hike that day) is up to your ankles. And rising.

Monday morning, I groggily got out of bed and made my zombie march towards the bathroom to get ready to conquer the day. I was rudely awaken by the drenched, and I mean drenched, and cold bathroom mat on the floor.

“What in the world…” I exclaimed out loud.
The entire floor was wet, but in my zombie morning haze, I didn’t notice it until I stepped onto the soaked mat.

So, I called the plumber and he said he’d be right over.
And he said that the main pipe must be clogged.
I got a quick plumbing 101 lesson as he was explaining all that is happening. It was actually quite interesting. I had no idea that each drain had a pipe to the roof — which are the little chimney looking things on top of every roof in our neighborhood.

But the main drain was clogged and therefore, backing everything else up.

And in the midst of the conversation about drains, pipes, toilets, tubs, sewage, back ups, clogs and such — my mind oddly drifted towards God and life. (I have to say — I feel like there’s a joke in here somewhere, I just can’t seem to flush it out.)

Of course, when I sat back and really digested the thoughts I garnered during my conversation with the plumber, the metaphor didn’t hold up completely. But, I started thinking about how I do (or not do) things to clog up my spiritual life and how that affects every aspect of my life.

Like, how sometimes I go on without checking myself and things start building up and building up until I realize I need help after my life is in the …wait for it… toilet!

It could be something as simple and small as neglect.
Neglecting prayer time.
Neglecting quiet/devotional time.
Neglecting the voice in my head — that I know is right and something I should do…

And eventually, I’ve strayed so far from the path God made for me — I have no idea where I am. Or in worst-scenario cases, have no idea who I am and who I was meant to be.

In those times, I felt so distant from God. God seems so far away. The quick, bumper sticker remedy to that is: If you feel far from God, who moved?
Of course, quick, neat ‘n tidy, bumper sticker theology can be dangerous. But in my spiritual journey and life, I know that when I feel that way, it is because I have been the one moving further and further away — most of the time, due to my ignoring/neglecting spiritual self-care.

You know, about a month ago, my wife did mention that something was funny with the toilet. But, it never really acted out again. So I thought nothing of it. The wise husband would’ve called the plumber then and there. But, safe to say, I’ve never really been called wise. So I guess we let it get more clogged and backed up throughout the weeks, then *BOOM* All the toilets are clogged and overflowing. The showers are backed up. We can’t do laundry without the fear of the laundry water and its residue seeping out from the drains of our bathtubs. (Thankfully — none of the hundreds of spiders flushed down the toilet or drowned in the bathtub made a reappearance…)

So, yea,  it’s prudent and wise to really take care of … the crap (both plumbing and spirituality wise) that get in our way, early and immediately. Because if it continues to build up — the aftermath is not going to be a pretty sight.

Hmmm… guess my mind’s been in the toilet all day…

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