The New Year

Happy New Year 2013

So, 2012 is about to be over. (Where does the time go?)
And it’s the time of the year where people start making their New Year’s resolutions. Usually in the matters of eating and exercising.
I read a study that claimed that 80% of people’s resolution don’t last through January.

A lot of it has to do with the person making the resolution not asking to be held accountable. When we share resolutions, it’s a matter-of-fact, this is what I’m gonna do type of sharing. Rarely, has anyone said to me (or have I said), “This is my resolution, and I’m telling you because I want you to hold me accountable.” Being held accountable is hard work. Shoot, holding someone accountable is hard work, too.

So resolutions are made. And broken. Then forgotten. Until the last week of December rolls around.

I am not immune to this, either. I’ve been thinking about resolutions that I need to make — for a better, happier, more meaningful and productive life.

In the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve been “researching” the effects of being a morning person. It all started with this blogpost from Michael Hyatt about making one’s self into a morning person.
There seems to be a correlation with being a morning person and being successful. Many, if not most, CEO’s seem to be morning people. The pastors that I read and …uh… “idolize” (ha!) all seem to be morning people, too.
Shoot, Jesus appeared to be a morning person, too. But I think everyone in that time were “morning people.”

I never thought of myself as a morning person. But, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to get more things accomplished in the morning. And, I was taking to heart the tips that Michael Hyatt was giving on becoming a morning person (the first being — change your story. Quit saying that you’re not a morning person, etc).

But in the midst of thinking and pondering, it hit me. Yes, becoming a morning person might be helpful, but it’s what I need to do with the time I have, being intentionally productive.

What it really comes down to is just not goof around so much. I spend way too much time watching TV, surfing the web (with no purpose), playing games (letterpress on the iOS has become my new obsession. I can’t get enough of it. And I love beating people. Hands down, the best $.99 I spent this year– it’s free, unless you want to play more than 2 games at a time. Which I do. I have about 15 games going at once. And usually win 12 of them. Go check it out. Then get it. Then find me on game center, I think my username is itssuperjoey, and then be frustrated as I beat you.)

I could spend a little less time doing things that aren’t so productive, and spend a little more time doing something that is productive and helpful. Don’t get me wrong — being mindless is important and good for you, I believe. But too much of one thing is never really good.

I think my trying to become a morning person will be for naught if I am not intentionally productive in the new found hours of the day (which is very plausible in my case).

So. My new year’s resolution is to become more productive. And try to become a morning person.

Here’s hoping that I last longer than January. And no, I don’t think I really want you to hold me accountable ;).

What are your resolutions for 2013?

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