Quick Thought of the Day: Books

We have safely arrived back home after a week and a half off. And now, it’s time rediscover the rhythms of my day and continue to do what I’m called to do. 

I also realized that I wanted to spend more time reading books than watching TV. 
There are a quite of few to-read books piling up on my desk and on my iPad. And there are many books that are left half-read for various reasons. 

But, like the greedy person I tend to be, I’m looking for more books to read. 

What are some books that you would highly recommend to me? 

4 thoughts on “Quick Thought of the Day: Books

  1. Are you looking for fun or theological stuff? For theological, I recommend “The Jesus Insurgency” (Rudy Rasmus is co-author) or Mike Slaughter’s “Change the World” and “Un-Learning Church.” For fun, I go for classics, but particularly enjoy Hemingway and Steinbeck.

    1. A little bit of both.
      I haven’t checked out Jesus Insurgency. But am a fan of Rudy Rasmus. My wife met him at a conference and he took a real liking to her — as everyone does. So much so that he gave her his and his wife’s personal phone number… I read his other book, though. It was great. I can’t recall the name… but the word “hands” is in the title.

      Read both of Slaughter’s book. Also Hijacked — but didn’t like it as much as Change the World and Hamilton’s Seeing Grey and When Christians Get it Wrong.

      Think it’s around the time, for me, to re-read the Great Gatsby.
      To Kill a Mockingbird has been sitting on my desk, staring at me, for about a month….

  2. Any of the books by Timothy Keller. I’ve read “The King’s Cross” (based on the book of Mark) and am currently reading “The Reason for God” (Belief in an age of skepticism). I’v got “The Prodigal God” on the “To Read” shelf and can hardly wait to dive into it.
    By the way, did you know that Lay Renewal Ministries sells books at a 20% discount (sometimes more!)

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