• I Asked For Wonder

    I recently started reading a book of writings by Abraham Joshua Heschel entitled, “I Asked For Wonder.” Samuel Dresner, the person who compiled the writings and wrote the intro, wrote about a conversation he had with Heschel after Heschel suffered a near fatal heart attack. “Sam,” he said, “when I regained consciousness, my first feelings… Continue Reading

  • Books, Books, and More Books

    Last week, I was surfing around the Internet for sermon stuff and also for stuff to make me giggle uncontrollably. I don’t know how those went hand in hand, but I’m always looking for a good laugh. For the record, I can’t figure out which, out of the two, is my favorite so here’s both:… Continue Reading

  • …Nevermind…

    I had just finished a post about ineffectiveness in ministry, mostly about clergy being ineffective. The Cabinet may know which clergy may be ineffective. And they may say that this clergy is ineffective and so forth. But, what happens when we have members on the Cabinet that are ineffective? I thought it was a legitimate… Continue Reading

  • Confessions – SimCity Edition

    So apparently, SimCity came out with a new game, and I don’t know why I haven’t heard about it until today (at the time of writing this, it’s Friday and I’m waiting for my car to be done with changing its oil). SimCity is another favorite time-waster of mine. Though, considering how expensive games are,… Continue Reading

  • What’s In A Name? Even if it is Blatantly Racist…?

    Starting today, the Washington Redskins will once again be fighting for the rights to keep their nickname. Now, while I bleed burgundy and gold, I’ve always wondered how the Redskins have successfully kept their nicknames when it’s… well, it’s racist. Redskins GM, Bruce Allen, basically said that the organization isn’t trying to upset anyone and… Continue Reading

  • Being On Top of the Mountain

    On our last hiking trek that my wife and I engaged in on our regular trail, Inspiration Point, I realized that I have an anxiety problem. I mean, I knew I always had one. It was one of the blaring and glaring reasons why I failed my ordination interviews in 2010. I got nervous. I… Continue Reading