I had just finished a post about ineffectiveness in ministry, mostly about clergy being ineffective.

The Cabinet may know which clergy may be ineffective. And they may say that this clergy is ineffective and so forth.

But, what happens when we have members on the Cabinet that are ineffective?

I thought it was a legitimate question to ask and explore. There are ways to deal with clergy who are ineffective, but are there ways to deal with District Superintendents who may be “ineffective”? I mean, how do you tell your “boss” that they’re not doing their job as best as they could?

Anyway, that was the basis of the post.

But, it got… kinda out of hand, I guess. And I thought, I need to sleep on this so that I can phrase everything better and not sound like I’m ranting. Which I wasn’t. I was just pondering.

And — just to make sure it’s clear and that everyone knows, I absolutely value, love, and respect my DS and these lines of questions and thoughts have nothing to do with him or anything like that.

A conversation started between me and a friend — who’s a pastor going through the ordination process. And I wanted to continue the conversation in this post — but I think, I need to really sleep on it.

3 thoughts on “…Nevermind…

  1. I feel that it’s our job to question authority figures, even God. I believe it helps affirms the truth in which we’re led to believe. To question your bosses effectiveness only reveals that your boss is either over performing his/her duty or just doing the bare minimum to get by. A good boss will always go beyond their job descriptions to ensure everything functions properly. Yet to question authority is looked down upon; it creates peer disdain and insecurity from the heads. The other higher powers form a fraternity in which they need to protect themselves and their prestige.

    God is the ultimate “boss”. He will always go beyond his promises yet we’re so afraid to question anything and everything. Believers in general are so afraid to ask the hard questions for reasons unbeknownst to me. It’s as if they’re afraid that if they ask, they’ll somehow become an unbeliever. Abortion, evolution, faith, truth, and even the church; all need to be questioned without fear of losing your faith. Following your pastor blindly, unwilling to test what he/she says should not be a taboo, it should be your duty(my home church could take a page out of this). Personally, I think it just makes you stronger.

    1. just FYI re: email
      2 reasons
      1) it’s so that you can be notified if someone responds to your comment so that you can continue the conversation, instead checking back every so often.
      2) it’s to keep the robots out. before– I’d get all these spam comments. Some of them quite funnily inappropriate. So, to combat these robots, I have ppl enter email addresses and then I don’t let comments go live until I approve.

      So, thanks for your comment. I’m also very glad that you are not a robot.

  2. Good idea to sleep on it….and then forget it. Some things should only be shared verbally, never put in writing.

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