• Don’t Blame the World

    Some of us Christians do our best to separate ourselves from the world as much as possible — much like the Essenes of Jesus’ day. We immerse ourselves in nothing but Christianese culture, listening to nothing but the FISH (safe for the whole family!!); watch nothing but purposefully Christianized programming (yay American Bible Challenge; a… Continue Reading

  • All Or Nothing…?

    I think one of the biggest pet peeves of mine as a Christian and of other Christians is when we try to want the best of both worlds. We want all the goodness and promise that comes with being a Christian, yet we want to fiercely hold on to our way of living, thinking, and… Continue Reading

  • I Have The Body of a Victoria Secret Angel

    Well, not really. Actually, far from it. I just wanted your attention. Ha. Recently, Kylie Bisutti was back in the press. A while back, she made a small splash when she said that she was going to quit being a Victoria Secret model due to her faith. She’s back in the news because she’s now… Continue Reading

  • the iPrison

    Once, we were at a restaurant enjoying our lunch, when I started hearing sound that wasn't part of the restaurant's music. It sounded like a live TV show with laughing and clapping. I looked over and saw a mother and daughter eating lunch together. Only, they weren't really eating lunch together. The daughter had her… Continue Reading

  • Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones But…

    (all together, now) words will never hurt me. One of the many lies of childhood. (Tooth Fairy? Santa Claus? Your face will get stuck like that?) Well, actually, I really believed it growing up. I had to. Kids made fun of me so much, this phrase made me believe that I could be like rubber and “boing… Continue Reading

  • “Organized” Religion? Have You Seen My Desk?

    No, seriously. My desk/office looks awful. I just keep piling more and more stuff on the desk. It’ll get clean, eventually. Just not today. Or tomorrow. Or this weekend. But eventually.  In the meantime, see if you can spot these things:coffeeAfricacoffeemate creamerguitar tunerJIF to Go Peanut ButterMatchesAn Old Cell Phone And yes, those are Superman capes that are… Continue Reading