“Organized” Religion? Have You Seen My Desk?

No, seriously. 
My desk/office looks awful. 
I just keep piling more and more stuff on the desk. 
It’ll get clean, eventually. Just not today. Or tomorrow. Or this weekend. But eventually. 

In the meantime, see if you can spot these things:
coffeemate creamer
guitar tuner
JIF to Go Peanut Butter
An Old Cell Phone

And yes, those are Superman capes that are hanging on my wall. 


2 thoughts on ““Organized” Religion? Have You Seen My Desk?

  1. The carpet looks clean. That’s a plus. Not sure which decade that desk phone with the red “hold” button came from. 70s or 80s? You should submit this picture/clues to one of the “hidden treasures” book companies. Hang in there.

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