• Are English Ministries Necessary?

    English Ministry (EM) – ministries in a Korean-Immigrant church for the English speaking Koreans. Do churches benefit from being homogenous? I guess that’s the bigger question under the question, “Are EMs necessary?” Many of EM congregations are made up of only Korean-Americans. And some EMs only target English-speaking Koreans. But why? Our parents’ generation’s church… Continue Reading

  • Room 37 (“Racial Profiling” at the Hospital)

    This morning, my wife and I went to visit a church member who was at the hospital. We checked in with the front desk, received sticker to let the hospital world know we were visitors, given direction to the parishioner's room, and off we went. We arrived on the floor where the parishioner was staying… Continue Reading

  • Man of Steel Returns (Spoilers)

    For Father’s Day, my brother and his wife took us out to see Man of Steel (though Dad decided to skip out). I had been eagerly waiting for this day for about 2 years. But before we get into Man of SteelĀ (again, there will be spoilers. I’ll tell you where to stop reading, if you’re… Continue Reading

  • End of Relay

    This past Sunday ended our 3 week Capital Campaign and also a journey that began, for me, last October-ish. There were some parts of the campus that needed (needs) serious attention. And so the ball got rolling on this capital campaign. I didn’t know where to begin or what to do, as this is my… Continue Reading