• Useless Clergy

    I’ve been mulling over this article and study since I read it about 2 weeks ago. If you don’t want to click on the links, basically, it says that “just 37% of Americans say clergy contribute ‘a lot’ to the nation.” It stings. Mainly because, it’s true. Take a look at me. At times, I think… Continue Reading

  • To- Read

    Does anyone else have the problem of not finishing a book all the way? I have shelves of unfinished books. Unfinished for various reasons. Some were just not worth finishing. Others, another book caught my fancy so I left the first book for the new one. My “To-Read” list of books have gotten out of… Continue Reading

  • The Chocolate Covered Turd

    There’s a series of videos that, seemingly, the Mothership has poured a lot of resources into. I tried to like it. I really did. I tried to like it. I tried to support it. But I can’t. I couldn’t. Because, I found it corny as hell. And I hated the fact that I felt that way, because,… Continue Reading

  • The Los Angeles Lakers and UMC Local Church

    As I’m writing this, the Lakers have yet to make their final pitch for coveted free agent Dwight Howard. By the time this post goes live, there’s a great chance that Dwight will be playing for the Rockets. I don’t think D12 is going to stay with the Lakers. Why would he? If everything goes… Continue Reading

  • Confessions: The Time I *Almost* Got Arrested

    So there we were. My friend, Steven, and I. Sitting in my front yard surrounded by 4 Honolulu Police Officers and one off-duty cop. With 4 squad cars somehow crammed in our driveway, while their blue and red lights painted the neighborhood. Neighbors slowly passing by, rubbernecking, wondering what in the world is going on… Continue Reading

  • Practice? We Talkin’ Bout Practice

    Game 6 of the NBA Finals was one of the best games, ever. Ray Allen made an incredible 3 with just a few seconds left on the clock. Everyone thought the game was over. The Heat “fans” left the arena early (and were denied re-entry). The O’Brien trophy was being prepared to be presented to… Continue Reading